The European Countries, as well as Milli Firka, Do not Support Any of Candidates in Presidents of Ukraine

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The European Countries, as well as Milli Firka, Do not Support Any of Candidates in Presidents of Ukraine

Germany, France and Great Britain do not support any candidate on presidential elections of Ukraine. The corresponding application has been sounded on Thursday at a meeting of stats-secretaries of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of three countries in Paris, «the German wave» referring to «France informs a press».

Also, Berlin, Paris and London want, that Ukraine was as a whole economically strong and a democratic state which supports «peace relations with Russia».

As the stats-secretary on the European businesses has noted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France Pierre Lelush, it is very important «for stability of continent».

In turn, the professor of political science of the Cologne university Gerhard Simon has declared that in the tripartite application of its European diplomats has a little afflicted the offer about future «peace relations» between Ukraine and Russia.

For the political scientist unexpectedly that is a unique foreign policy problem which is noted.

«It is possible to expect without delay that three countries want good relations of Ukraine with the European Union», — the expert has noted.

Wishes of Europeans of Simon named «a New Year’s reflex».

The political scientist has reminded that last years in the beginning of January «the big difficulties with maintenance of Europe with the Russian gas through the Ukrainian gas pipelines» often took place.

These complications have not been in the last instance caused by absence of coordination between Ukraine and Russia, he considers.

«As far as I understand, these three states, and with them and European union, hope that in the future of such problems with power supply will not be. And just the precondition for this purpose are good relations of Ukraine with Russia so I understand an application essence», — Simon «has told.

However, the expert any of the Ukrainian candidates in presidents «has added does not act for what other, except peace mutual relations with Russia».



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