Dzhemilev Has Scarified Dzharty

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Dzhemilev Has Scarified Dzharty

The Crimean Tatar Medzhlis opposes acceptances of the new law by which powers of Sovmin of an autonomy under the direction of Vasily Dzharty in ground sphere will be strengthened. It was declared by head of Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev.

«Now it will facilitate procedure of withdrawal of the earths. They will take away it, and then to solve, to whom to give. Clear business that it will lead to that the certain part of people will receive this earth. That is, only relatives and close to Dzharty will receive this earth. That’s all», — Dzhemilev has told.

«The position of the Crimean Tatars won’t be any especial. After all we won’t get the earth, therefore special reaction won’t be. But we know, what actions prepare, we will direct certificates to courts when the ground rights» will be roughly broken, — the leadee of Medzhlis has warned.

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