The New Year’s Ground Conflict in the Crimea

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The New Year’s Ground Conflict in the Crimea

Prophetic from telescreens about love to the people, in practice BYT and Party of Regions stealthily introduce new technology of robbing citizens of Ukraine. The mass meeting at walls of the Supreme Rada of Crimea became the answer of the people to provocation of the authorities.

Had not time to cease New Year’s wishes about love and happiness as in Crimea the next mass ground conflict has flashed. More than 5000 Crimeans different nationalities have organised protest action at a building of the Supreme Rada of Crimea.

As occasion to national indignation frankly corruption actions of a head of the Village Dobroje of the Simferopol area — Gennady Kaluzhin have served. Assured of the impunity the head openly requires of peasants of 5000 grivnas for decision issue on a ground.

Such requests a head put forward and earlier. The formal occasion was for this purpose granted by Yulia Timoshenko who has published in due course the order about the tax in size до10 of % from cost of a structure at delivery of the house in operation. Not only that this tax of premieres has once again started a hand in a pocket to people «hotly favourite» by her (and how not to love such trouble-free and obedient source of the income-!), she also has suggested local officers idea of a new method ostensibly a lawful robbery. Than also Kaluzhin has not failed to take advantage «enterprising» a head.

But… Between decision issue on the earth and house delivery in operation — a difference in a year and in ten thousand dollars. How it is possible to take the tax for what does not exist yet? The Office of Public Prosecutor has paid attention to this fact, having protested requests gone too far heads. It would Seem, the conflict is reached, the law has told the word.

But far from it. The officer who has crossed through the law has not suffered any punishment that has inspired him on new illegal actions. At recently last meeting, in the presence of the first vice-premier of Crimea Aziz Abdullaev, a head Kaluzhin has put forward again the ultimatum — without «voluntary» entering of 5000 grivnas anybody will not receive the earth. The officer motivated the inquiries this time with that money, ostensibly, will go on gas and electricity realisation to new files. However, according to the Constitution of Ukraine, financing of Government programs is carried out at the expense of the Public finance, and gasification has sat down is the Government program. For example, creation of an infrastructure of new files of compact residing of the Crimean Tatars is made at the expense of Reskomnats, according to the Government program «Returnings and arrangements deported», and means are allocated for it in the budget. Furthermore, the lining of communications is made in files when the large part of plots is built up — nobody conducts gas and light in an empty field. Kaluzhin requires money for decision issue, that is — for the vested interest an empty ground, infringing thereby upon constitutional laws of citizens.

But if all concerned only small rural heads! Actually that occurs now in village Good — is not that other, as testing of new technology robbing the people on a national level. About 4th years the share of 20.000 Crimean families requiring allocation by it of the land lots lasts. Process approaches to end, is conducted a part of coordination, thousand families are prepared to receive the earth. Village Dobroje — one of the villages covered by the share. In this village of the power have decided to test a new technique of violation of the law. And, if today citizens of Ukraine do not defend the right to FREE reception of the earth from the state — tomorrow the example Kind becomes a victorious banner for bribe takers and grabbers of all ranks and posts.

As the proof of this fact the item of the Party of Regions taking in Crimea key positions serves also. While party leader Victor Yanukovych tries to type electorate, guaranteeing that will hear each — Victor Fedorovich and any notable regionals in Crimea have not heard inhabitants of village Dobroje. Though, apparently, what remarkable moment to take advantage of an oversight of the political opponent!

And can be, and there is no opponent? After all political opposition at all does not exclude association possibility on «main road»…

Rinat Shaimardanov, Press Secretary ОО «Аvdet»



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