Milli Firka: Dzharty Has Backed out from Medzhlis Hands an Important Trump of Blackmail of the Power

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Milli Firka: Dzharty Has Backed out from Medzhlis Hands an Important Trump of Blackmail of the Power

The decision on building of the Cathedral mosque on 22, Yaltinskaya Street Crimean prime minister Vasily Dzharty has backed out from Medzhlis hands an important trump of potential discredit of the Ukrainian power in the opinion of the world community. Besides, now all can be convinced of ability of Medzhlis to cope with such challenge, as erection of a huge temple.

It was informed to «New Region» by chairman of Kenesh (Council) of Milli Firka Vasvi ABDURAIMOV.

«Vasily Dzharty strictly carries out the problems put before it across Crimea, — he noticed. — in connection with coming 2012, the European championship on the football, all attention of the world community will be chained to Ukraine. And consequently any negative information streams during this period are certainly undesirable to the party in power. Besides, in 2011 it is supposed to develop, conditionally speaking, a total land sale in Ukraine and in Crimea including. For this purpose all necessary legislative base, creation of the free market of the earth, Ground bank, the Ground cadastre and so on now prepares.

To begin such «good» — I do not consider it as «good» — business with any difficult, got from last in ground sphere not from a hand. Therefore Dzharty also was a task in view at any cost to eliminate this problematics. And as the power vertical is built, any protests from managers hardly should be expected. As well as civil disobedience — though Party of Regions to pay under bills of promises of support of the slavic, Russian population doesn’t prepare yet. And all other political forces representing interests not of the Crimean-Tatar part of the population of Crimea, are today nothing serious. Therefore it was very easy to solve this problem for Dzharty».

«I am not surprised to that deputies of the City Council have voted for at one refrained, I am surprised, why they haven’t voted for unanimously», — has underlined Vasvi Abduraimov.

«I welcome the decision on the beginning of building of the Cathedral mosque, as there is a sovereign right of any faith to have in the places of residence the main temple. On the other hand, Dzharty as a whole has solved also the second problem — he has backed out very important trump from hands of a management of Medzhlis, which it always used to discredit in the fullness of time the Ukrainian and Crimean authorities, declaring discrimination of Moslems in connection with absence of the permission of building of the Cathedral mosque in Yaltinskaya Street.

Now they have not this trump. At a ball on the Medzhlis party — we will look, how much its heads will appear masters not verbal fights, and real affairs — as quickly they can assemble corresponding resources and to construct the Cathedral mosque that it really decorated Simferopol and pleased not only believing Moslems, but also all inhabitants of the Crimean capital and its visitors », — the politician summarized.

News agency «New Region — Crimea»


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