The Crimean Deputies Have Solved

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The Crimean Deputies Have Solved

Autonomy parliamentary elections will pass simultaneously with elections of deputies of local councils

Deputies of Supreme Rada ARC have decided to spend autonomy parliamentary elections simultaneously with elections of deputies of local councils and rural mayors. Such decision was accepted at plenary session of SR АРC in Simferopol on February, 17th.

Thus the question has called rough discussion in a hall. In particular, in the session agenda at elections two projects of the decision have been switched on in the Crimean parliament. And mass-media Efim Fiks, it was offered to appoint one project developed by the head of Constant commission SR ARC mandatory, on deputy ethics, the organisation of work of SR elections to the May, 30th, 2010, the second project, under authorship of a member of Presidium SR ARC of Vyacheslav Zaharov, elections were provided on April, 11th. However Vyacheslav Zaharov has suggested to remove his document from discussion and has urged to vote for purpose of elections for May, 30th.

In turn Efim Fiks has informed that, considering a number of the financial and legal moments, he and other Crimean deputies have made amendments to the project.

Thus the first deputy of the Chairman of SR АРC Grigory Ioffe has reminded that yesterday at session of the Ukrainian parliament speaker Vladimir Litvin has sounded some offers on a situation with elections in SR АРC. In particular, it is offered to make changes to the legislation of Ukraine and to establish a five years’ term of appointment of the Crimean deputies already from this convocation. «Litvin has told that the decision will be accepted on this or next week. If it is accepted, we will be returned five years’ term. Thus, how we will operate further if we appoint elections, and powers to us will prolong?» — Grigory Ioffe has concluded.

In this connection, and also because financial maintenance of preparation of elections is carried out exclusively from the means of the State budget received in the form of a target subvention which current year till now is not accepted, many deputies have considered impossible to appoint date of elections to May, 30th.

«Recognising that, eventually, there is a treatment of the Constitutional court about uniformity of application of norms of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine (for we are selected under one law — to the law on elections of deputies of SR АРC, local councils and rural), it is offered to make mayors in my project the amendment <…> to appoint elections of deputies of SR АРC simultaneously with elections of local councils, rural mayors», — Efim Fiks has told. Also has added: «The date of carrying out will be appointed by the Supreme Rada of Ukraine».

The given decision was supported by 59 Crimean members of parliament.


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