Milli Medzhlis plays for Gritsenko

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Milli Medzhlis plays for Gritsenko

The deputy fraction of Crimean parliament «Kurultaj-Ruh» has made decision not to support carrying out of extraordinary session of SC ARK for the purpose of changing of a government of an autonomy.

According to Iljasov, on Friday at session of fraction, deputies have discussed a current situation in parliament ,then have unanimously made the decision not to support the oppositionists.

«The decision is that: we will not go with those forces which try to hold senseless extraordinary session as for change of the Crimean management there are no bases», — Iljasov has told.

He has added that deputies of fraction support speaker Anatoly Gritsenko and its adherents, «who lead constructive policy to autonomy».

In the meantime, from «Za Yanukovych’s fraction «Block»! «16 deputies are excluded. All of them are supporters of resignation of Gritsenko and represent» Russian community of Crimea «and party» Russian block «. However excluded name the exception illegal.

At session of fraction, under the direction of Gritsenko, the decision on clearing of duties of the assistant to the head of fraction, the leader of «Russian community of Crimea» Sergey Tsekov was accepted.

Besides, «for antifractional activity, petition for carrying out of extraordinary session initiated by political opponents without the fraction decision» deputies Burei, Zhilin, Zaicev, Zaporozhets, Kozenko, Matveev, Melnikova, Mihajlov, Rodivilov, Rudakov, Svistunov, Simonov, Sljusarenko, Tsekov, Chulkova, Shevtsov «are unanimously excluded» from structure of fraction «Block» » Za Yanukovycha! «.

Vice-speaker Sergey Tsekov, the head of «Russian community of Crimea», names the decisions accepted on Friday at session under the direction of Gritsenko, illegitimate. According to Tsekov, procedure of an exception of deputies from fraction is not registered in regulations.

«The decision was unofficial. Those who has been excluded, to session of fraction have not been invited. It in Anatoly Pavlovicha Gritsenko’s style, masters on acceptance of illegal decisions. They had no right to do it, it is possible to leave the fraction independently only. The variant of an exception is not present, it is not registered in regulations. We consider that we have not been excluded, we, certainly, are members of fraction», — Tsekov in interview to «New Region» has told.

As he said, opponents of Gritsenko will not recede and still intend to achieve resignation of the speaker.

«Anatoly Pavlovich should retire. It would lead to conditions stabilisation in Crimea», — Tsekov has underlined.


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