UN development program (UNDP) in Crimea: Mission is not unrealizable

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UN development program (UNDP) in Crimea: Mission is not unrealizable

Anatomy of scandalous events with UN mission in Crimea

9th February 2012, the large protest action of Crimean Tatars took place near building of Mejlis in spite of severe frost. Organizer of this meeting was a non-governmental organization «Generation of Crimea» at the head of chairman Ruslan Belbek.


Certainly, they already get used to demonstrations of Crimean Tatars in Crimea and Ukraine. They philosophically regard the demands on allotment of land and restoration of rights of the Crimean Tatar people. However, yesterday’s action of protest became exception from general rule.


In this time, 300 participants of demonstration didn’t demand anything from Ukraine. The main target of demonstrators became …UN mission and UNDP, which arrived in Crimea to monitor situation.


Rather, not mission itself, but the fault being very strange for respectable international organization, which broke completely all notions of Ukrainian society about high principles of international law, equality of European democracy.


For more detailed understanding of sense of Crimean scandal around UN mission and claims, which were made by demonstrators, let’s analyze a situation from the beginning.

9th February 2012, the large protest action of Crimean Tatars took place near building of Mejlis in spite of severe frost. Organizer of this meeting was a non-governmental organization «Generation of Crimea» at the head of chairman Ruslan Belbek


Point of reading: there is the people and dzemilivschina


As is well known, the situation in Crimean Tatar environment suddenly became aggravated in autumn of last year.


Veterans of National movement of Crimean Tatars applied to Nobel Committee with demand to exclude chairman of Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev from number of nominators on Nobel Prize of 2011 and to give it to the institution of National Movement,


Veterans explained their position in such way: Mustafa Dzhemilev — is the traitor of interests of people, usurper, and who monopolized the right to say and adopt decisions on behalf of Crimean Tatars by cunning and intrigue. He is the plunderer of budgetary money and humanitarian assistance and for 20 years achieved neither legal restoration of rights of Crimean Tatars in Ukraine, nor any successes in development of own people.


Soon, the veterans demanded from Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov to hold open tele-debate in open air, on which the leaders of Mejlis are to report back to the people for own «achievements». They are to refute or admit with arguments the open accusations in stealing and betrayal, which were charged by veterans.


The leadership of Mejlis avoided a tele-debate and instead of answer, started a persecution of veterans through the under control Mass Media.


Such behaviour of functionaries of Mejlis only confirmed a trustworthiness of accusations in the eyes of society.


As a result, the meeting of veterans of National Movement declared the impeachment to M.Dzhemilev and R.Chubarov and deprived a right to appear and say on behalf of people at any level.


This information was widely reported by Ukrainian and foreign Mass Media.


Crimean Tatar community supported the impeachment to M.Dzhemilev and R.Chubarov.


The meeting took place in Simferopol 21st November 2012, on which a scarecrow of Dzhemilev was burned. They confirmed the impeachment to M.Dzhemilev and R.Chubarov on behalf of the Crimean Tatar people.


Moreover, if veterans confined only to an impeachment that in resolution of meeting there were certain demands not only to a head of Mejlis, but to all, who will try to ignore the opinion of society.


«5. Crimean Tatar people applies to the heads of states and governments, international organizations, political parties, including Ukrainian and the world society with statement:


5.1. Any meetings and agreements of heads and governments, representatives of international organizations, political parties and NGOs with Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov beginning from 14th November 2011, are not legal and are not recognized by the Crimean Tatar people.


5.2. Any attempts of representatives of the authority, international organizations, political parties and NGOs to support Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov in form of public statements, talks, awarding of prize and reward, invitation to international meetings and so on — to meet the most active hostility, public condemnation and opposition with all means by Crimean Tatar people with all ways allowed by legislation of Ukraine — from writing appeals to mass protest actions»


The information of this meeting was published practically by all informational agencies of the world.


Resolution of this meeting in English was translated and officially sent to acting international organizations and committees.


In the end of January 2012, fifteen Crimean Tatar NGOs signed the Memorandum on creation of the Crimean Tatar Popular Front (CTPF). As the key tasks on first six months 2012 were declared:


— national assistance to the government of Ukraine in development, adoption and bringing into force the Law of Ukraine «On restoration of rights of the repressed Crimean Tatar people» up to 18th May 2012

— 18th May 2012 to hold Extraordinary National assembly of the Crimean Tatar people with representation of one delegate from each Crimean Tatar family for discussion of further ways of development of the Crimean Tatar people taking into account a situation, which was formed on May 18, 2012.


This information also was widely reported by Ukrainian and foreign Mass Media and the official letters with information on creation, goals and tasks of CTPF to all governmental bodies and representations of international organizations were sent.


Thus, Ukrainian and international organizations had an opportunity to get — and got! — the information on existence, as minimum, of two groups influence in Crimean Tatar society, which sharply differ one from another.


— united forces of the Crimean Tatar community, consisting of independent legal organizations, which act independently and see a solution of Crimean Tatar problems only in legal field of Ukraine;


— personal supporters of Mustafa Dzhemilev, depending on him financially or organizationally, in this connection, support his policy on existence and activity of Mejlis without legal field of Ukraine, for account of active political support and financial assistance on the hand of limited number of the west organizations and politicians.


Accordingly, abovementioned organizations had enough time to bring appropriate amendments in their plans of researches and monitoring of a situation of Crimea as a whole, and in particular, in Crimean Tatar society.


UN mission: a beginning of scandal


In the beginning of February, the information on planned visit of UN delegation to Crimea appeared in Crimean Mass Media. The aim of this visit was stated a monitoring of situation by mission of UNDP on Crimean peninsula. The meeting with leadership of Mejlis officially entered on the program of visit to familiarize with Crimean Tatar question.


As far as, a learning of real situation in Crimean Tatar socium is exceptionally important for international association experts, UN central department is to get complete, trustworthy and objective information, which presented equally and equivalently by all subjects of Crimean Tatar political life — namely this task arose before Executive Committee of CTPF.


At the meeting of the Executive Committee of CTPF was given a telephone talk with Crimean department of UNDP to explain representatives of the Crimean department of UNDP the reasons and necessity of meeting of UN delegation with Crimean Tatar community, having opinion and plans of actions which radically differ from vision of situation by leaders of Mejlis.


In talk with representative of department of UNDP Kurtmolla Ganiyev were based reasons and giving arguments in favour of a necessity of meeting of the representatives of united Crimean Tatar community with UN delegation, being analogous abovementioned.


Nevertheless, the social activists received strict refusal and statement that for studying of the Crimean Tatar question the UN mission will meet only with representatives of Mejlis.


UN mission: Development of scandal


The Executive Committee of CTPF received oral refusal of employer of the Crimean department of UNDP in organization of the meeting, adopted the decision to take official attempt to establish contact with UN mission.


Member of the Executive Committee of CTPF Nadir Bekirov, chairman of International Foundation on researches and support of indigenous peoples of Crimea was given a commission to apply to the UN representation with official letter on inclusion of meeting with representatives of united Crimean Tatar community in visit program of UN delegation to Crimea.


Nadir Bekirov operatively carried out a commission and sent the official letter on request of the united Crimean Tatar community to representation of UNDP in Crimea.

Nadir Bekirov operatively carried out a commission and sent the official letter on request of the united Crimean Tatar community to representation of UNDP in Crimea

The answer of Crimean department of the world known international organization based for protection of democracy and equality of people, for «assistance to social progress, improvement of conditions of life and situation in field on human rights» (text from web-site UNO — note of editor.) was excellently strange and conflicting to all criterions of objectivity in collection and analysis of information.

The answer of Crimean department of the world known international organization based for protection of democracy and equality of people

One explains a sense of Crimean department of UNDP: the delegation, which arrived to study a situation in Crimea, refused to meet with representatives of united forces of progressive Crimean Tatar community, whose program and actions are the basis of legal political activity and the most scale events of Crimean Tatar socium, as minimum, on next 6 months.


The reasonable question: what was UN mission going to study and monitor in area of the Crimean Tatar question in Crimea and Ukraine as a whole?


UN mission as denotar of outburst of social indignation


So preconceived and frankly contradictory to intrinsic demands and norms of UNO the behaviour of employees of Crimean representation of UNDP, which frankly ignore the warning points of resolution of meeting from 21st January 2011, and repeated attempts of the Executive committee of CTPF to settle a conflict becoming imminent, complicatedly to name besides as artificially organized destabilization of non-conflict situation, in principle.


Nevertheless, a destabilization took place.


Detonator worked and again indignant people moved along the streets of Simferopol to defend own rights — but now not from arbitrariness of authority and from indifference, prejudice and arbitrariness of local representatives of international organization, which was established for defence of rights of these people.


It is bitter and frankly saying, degrading paradox for UNO…


The meeting of protest took place near Mejlis — directly during unlucky meeting between UN mission and leadership of this illegal organization. After meeting in Mejlis, the participants of demonstration read and gave members of UN mission the Appeal, which entire text we give below.




We, «Generation of Crimea», Crimean Tatar non-governmental organization representing wide sections of Crimean Tatar society, different age groups, appeal next time to representatives of EU with demand to sever official contacts with leadership of Mejlis.


M.Dzhemilev is not as legitimate leader of the Crimean Tatar people, but is as guide of interests of corrupt bosses, which usurped power in Crimean Tatar society already for 20 years.


Pay attention that by decision of the National meeting of Crimean Tatars, which in support of Veterans of National movement on November 21, 2011 was held, the impeachment for M.Dzhemilev and R.Chuvarov was declared. In present action of popular revolt took part as Veterans of National movement as NGOs expressing interests of wide sections of Crimean Tatar people, including delegates of Kurultay and members of regional mejlises.


At present time, the constructive forces of Crimean Tatar society take steps on improvement of original and traditional institutions of self-government of our people, including a forming of legitimate, representative bodies of Crimean Tatars acting in legal field of Ukraine.


We think as non-ethical on the hand of respected representatives of international organizations to have a dialogue with «leaders», which discredited themselves in the face of a big number of Crimean Tatars.


The Crimean Tatar people is worthy of the best future! No authorization! No corruption! Long live honest elections in national assemblies of Crimean Tatars!


Prosperity for Crimean Tatar people!


As is clear from text of the Appeal, namely, a demonstrative contempt of opinion of the Crimean Tatar community by UN mission — to please of interests of the leadership of Mejlis, which discredited itself long ago — became only reason for splash of disturbance in Crimea, which interrupted public order on peninsula.


Who is guilty? and What are they to do?


There are fully concrete answers in present situation on these two questions of two last ages.


There is a secret for nobody — at least, in Crimea — that overwhelming majority of «Crimean Tatar» posts in Crimean representations of international organizations are occupied by «workers promoted to an administrative post» were recommended by «imperial consent» of the leadership of Mejlis.


Accordingly, «workers promoted to an administrative post» being «obliged» for «advancement» and really understand that a favour can be changed by disgrace and loss of cushy job, always realize a policy of leadership of Mejlis in their activity. They act exceptionally in interest of this illegal and «sever» any attempts of «inconsistent persons» and «members of the opposition» to establish contacts with these organizations.


Moreover, these persons play a role of peculiar «filter», which makes way apocryphal information for the higher instance of maternal organizations. This information misrepresents a real situation in Crimean Tatar socium and real level of influence of the leadership of Mejlis on compatriots as advantageously for Dzhemilev and Chubarov.


There is no necessity to go far for examples.


Mass Media bristles with materials on meetings of leaders of Mejlis with delegations of international organizations and funds, including projects are realized through them and so on.


Question: Who prepares these meetings? Who make a program of stay of these delegations in Crimea? Who makes a plan of meetings of these delegations? Who distributes preliminary information on visit of any mission among society and collects claims for meeting with delegation? Who gives preliminary information on participants of meeting«to the top»?


Answer: employees of local departments of abovementioned international organizations. As we know — the persons occupy post exceptionally under level of loyalty to the leadership of Mejlis.


Result: Mass Media bristles with materials on meetings of leaders of Mejlis with delegations of international organizations and funds, including projects are realized through them and so on.


As they say — a king is played by suite.


But…Crimean Tatar staff in Crimean representations of international organizations, missions and funds is a minority. Basically, an international staff works in these organizations. At the same time, this entire «international» is over-loyal to requests and initiatives of the leadership of Mejlis and gently — but very effectively — suppresses any display of activity on the hand of the Crimean Tatar community, which doesn’t enter in pro-Dzhemilev clan.


This bad fact (at the same time, was confirmed by mass of examples, last of them is a provocation with UN mission, which resulted to the action of protest near building of Mejlis, became simply as apotheosis of prejudice) suggests an idea on possible existence of secret, but very clear directives of central departments of the certain international organizations, and fulfillment of them is the duty of lower-level executors.


These directives, as analysis of present events shows, pursues one, strictly fixed aim — preservation and support of swiftly falling authority of Mustafa Dzhemilev and mobilization opportunities of illegal «system of influence» was constructed by him for 20 years. This «system of influence» was built thanks to the financial investments and organizational support of limited number of the international organizations and financial structures. In this case, under «mobilization opportunities» means the operative organization of mass protest actions, with assistance of them, one can destabilize a situation on peninsula by the date fixed and exert pressure upon government.


Existence of such directives indirectly confirms some very important questions, the honest answers on which can essentially influence not only on clearing of the situation on scandal around Crimean visit of UN mission, but and — it is terrible to say — on vector of the integration aspirations of Ukraine.


— Why do international organizations acting in Europe exceptionally within legislation, in Ukraine allow themselves to violate Ukrainian laws demonstratively giving the political, organizational and financial support to organization, which acts without legal field of Ukraine?


— Why do missions and delegations of European international organizations, studying Crimean Tatar problem, meet and receive information exceptionally from representatives and creature of illegal structure, whose leadership repeatedly did public political demarches against present government of Ukraine?


— Why do non-governmental organizations uniting significant forces of the Crimean Tatar people and demonstrate loyalty and wish to cooperate with the government of Ukraine in solution of the Crimean Tatar question, receive official refusal from the representatives of leading bodies of international democratic organizations to meet with them?


— Why do international European organizations openly ignore public opinion and official documents of assemblies, meetings and associations of legal NGOs of Crimean Tatars appearing against M.Dzhemilev and R.Chubarov, demonstratively support those, which are named publicly and with arguments by Crimean Tatars as traitors of interests of the Crimean Tatar people — finely realizing to what social consequence can result such policy?


Hand management no more works


For what need Europe such Mejlis and such Mustafa Dzhemilev? — the question is not empty. To answer on it without mention of such words «geopolitics», «Ukraine», «Russia», «Europe», «area of influence» — it is hardly possible, but it will be quite another analysis.


In the meanwhile one can assert absolutely evidently that: disturbing and unstable Crimea weakens Ukraine as a whole. This is axiom that is the fact, which doesn’t require any evidences.


In one’s turn, a permanent instability of Crimea for last 20 years «was provided» by the unsolved Crimean Tatar question (or consciously unsolved? — note of ed.)


In one’s turn, as official «person solves» Crimean Tatar problems, and also «megaphone» and only «representative» of the Crimean Tatar people before the world community, with efforts of former Soviet dissidents and international organizations supporting them, was «appointed» — and in this status «was represented to the world» — Mustafa Dzhemilev. All authority and influence of the west European democracy, including being under its vigilant control a part of the Ukrainian political «top», were used for promotion and support of this political myth.


Thus, they «created» being in regime of «hand management» Crimean Tatar detonator, Europe received secret from the naked eye, but very powerful and effective key factor of weakening of Ukraine.


Certain west European circles not interested in existence of strong and independent Ukrainian state expertly used this key factor since 1991, by way of the manipulations of tragedy and passionarnost of the Crimean Tatar people restrain and destabilize by disturbance in Crimea the process of state building in Ukraine.


At present time, this key factor being corroded by political rust ceases to function.


And Ukrainian state and Crimean Tatars ripened for mutual understanding and joint search mutual acceptable model of co-existence, which guarantees integrity of Ukraine and observance of interests of Crimean Tatars, as the indigenous people of Crimea suffered genocide, deportation and return to historical Motherland- taking into account equal rights of the whole of multinational Crimean community.


In this anew born system of interrelation of Crimean Tatars and Ukraine there is no place for hysterical reproaches, public accusations, political demarches — and all of those things are made by leaders of Mejlis for 20 years.


It is necessary a good will, reasonableness, clear persistence, knowledge and competent using of international and Ukrainian legislation, sober estimation of political reality and readiness to the reasonable compromises.


Between Ukraine and Crimean Tatars must — and can! — be built the system of legally registered «contractual relations» — in political, economical and social areas — and these agreements are to be strictly observed by both parties.

Such new paradigm of solution of the Crimean Tatar question in Ukraine is proposed by Crimean Tatar People’s Front.


At present time, this paradigm brings to notice of all subjects of state building and management of Ukraine.


This paradigm brings to notice of the world community. At least — to that part being sincerely anxious by restoration of rights of the Crimean Tatar people and is ready to perceive new realities.


But it is the main thing — this paradigm is protected.


It is protected by all legal methods, resources and ways — from petition companies to mass demonstrations against artificial attempts of anybody again to thrust on Crimean Tatar people the humiliating role of controlled «from without» protest mass.


In connection with abovementioned, one thinks that international organizations should to revise radically the previous one-sided vision of the Crimean Tatar problems, and central department of UNO — to organize official investigation of reasons of incident in Crimea. Under results to make skilled transpositions in the Crimean representation of UNDP — to avoid a repetition of similar incidents, which discredit good name and high mission of UNO in the world.


Rinat Shaymardanov
analytical group of Milli Firka


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