Crimea Has Never Been the Ukrainian Territory

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Crimea Has Never Been the Ukrainian Territory

If to line a border by results of presidential election, having unhooked Donbass and Crimea Ukraine would be less territorially, but it would be the high-grade state. It was declared by the Ukrainian writer Vasily Shkljar, whose latest book applies for the prestigious Shevchenko award.

«Let’s agree, Crimea never historically was the Ukrainian territory and if the nation is sick and can’t digest, master this territory it is better to get rid of it. It all the same when at the person a foot gangrene and that all body wasn’t ill, — it simply cut off», — was declared by the writer in interview to UNIAN. «Once to small Lithuania wanted to attach the Kaliningrad region. Imagine Lithuania and huge area. Lithuanians have refused, they bones were ready to lay down, that it didn’t increase territory. They knew that it is their threat. Therefore it is not necessary to live dreams» from Syan to Don «. If these» not Ukrainian «regions are unhooked, Russia will already never represent serious threat for Ukraine», — has underlined Shkljar.

A question on position of the Ukrainian language Shkljar has answered: «to Say that the Ukrainian language will disappear, is all the same what to tell: the Ukrainian nation will disappear. And the resistance will be felt by Ukrainians, the more they will be consolidated. Certainly, if moskal to you addresses in the language and you answer it in his language that is frequent at Ukrainians happens, through any time the Ukrainian and really can disappear. Because the Ukrainian nation is now weak. My brother has deduced such formula: one moskal puts into place five crests. That is if will prepare six persons, and among them there will be one Russian all Ukrainians will pass to Russian, and even among themselves pass to the Russian. From this party, I really feel the big threat».

Let’s remind, in the middle of 2010 the big resonance in Ukraine the statement of one more writer — Yury Andruhovich — that has caused unity of Ukraine at all a necessary condition of its existence. In particular, arguing on possibility of compartment from the country of Donbass and Crimea, the writer has told: «I wouldn’t refuse such project and wouldn’t do in general this damned integrity by any dogma. What for to rest what actually destroys us and ruins?».

Also Andruhovich has declared: «Politicians from densely populated east and southern areas of Ukraine pull the country» in a scoop «, do not allow to generate in the power strong» the Proukrainian majority «, therefore without them to the country, probably, would be better. The majority of inhabitants of these regions belong to another — Russian — the political nation, therefore attempts to impart love to all Ukrainian language are in advance doomed by it to a failure. There any Ukrainian movement is a priori aggressively blocked. It is blocked not as a result of any reprisals that is why that is valid it the local population does not want. It is alien to Ukraine. Ukraine to it is alien and uninteresting, is at least indifferent».

On materials: news agency REGNUM


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